Conservative Approaches to Cosmetic Dentistry

 If there’s one thing that most people can relate to, it’s the desire for a beautiful smile. There are countless people who wish that they could improve the appearance of their smile. There are numerous reasons why they may not take the plunge into cosmetic dentistry. Cost is one major influence, of course. However, there are many who are concerned about the procedures involved. Many cosmetic procedures of the past have required a surgical approach. Modern dental clinics offer a variety of conservative cosmetic dental procedures that don’t require surgery.

New Cosmetic Treatments Through Conservative Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the area of modern dentistry that deals with aesthetic concerns involving our oral structures. There are numerous minimally-invasive procedures available to provide positive aesthetic results. These procedures do not require any surgical approaches or any significant removal of tissue. As a result, they have little to no recovery time and generate a minimal amount of discomfort for the patient. There are a few approaches involved with minimally-invasive cosmetic dentistry.

Some approaches eliminate the presence of diseased or decayed tissue to make way for new restorations. Others work to address certain cosmetic blemishes, such as stained teeth. They can also move teeth back into the proper alignment and location.

  • Dental Whitening: Of all cosmetic dental procedures performed today, this is the most frequently requested. These treatments address discoloration in the surface enamel, lightening their shade and improving their overall beauty. In some cases, multiple applications of whitening treatment are going to be needed to reach the desired shade.
  • Clear Aligners: This is a popular form of aligner that has recently become available. The first to reach popularity was known as Invisalign. These nearly invisible plastic orthodontic devices can invisibly work to alter the alignment of the teeth. They’re also able to be removed for up to two hours out of every 24 to allow for better hygiene and eating.
  • Dental Bonding: This restoration is a tooth-colored material that can be reshaped and formed to match the natural tooth. During the application, a curing light will be used to harden the bonding material layer after layer. Once the final layer is in place, it’s polished to a fine shine.
  • Microabrasion: This treatment is the only one that removes any healthy tissue from the patient. A thin layer of the dental enamel is removed to eliminate the presence of stains or discoloration. This can be done as another way of whitening the teeth or as preparation for placing veneers.

Cosmetic Improvement With Fast Results

The best of these treatments is that they can provide nearly immediate results for the patient. There’s no need to take care of their teeth after the treatments. Instead, they can leave the clinic and go about their day normally. This makes them among the best ways to improve the beauty of your smile. Speak to your dentist to learn more about the types of conservative dental treatments available at their clinic. You may find that improving your smile is far easier than you thought!

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Dr. Tatiana was born and grew up in former Soviet Republic of Moldavia.
She was educated and trained as a Dentist at Kishinev State Medical University in Kishinev, Moldova. She provided dental care in Kishinev for many years until she met her future husband. She moved to Cheyenne in 1995.

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