Discovering The New Innovation in Implant Dentistry: Mini-Implants

Trying to determine how best to go about restoring your smile after a dental extraction or tooth loss can be confusing. With dental technology offering additional treatment options for those experiencing missing teeth, it can take quite a bit of time to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each. One of the less well-known options for dental restoration is mini-implants. These implants don’t require being fully embedded in the jawbone but instead use a 3mm piece that is fastened into the jawbone. Aside from the overall reduced size of the implant, they resemble traditional implants in other respects.

Getting To Know Mini-Dental Implants

Like traditional implants, there are two parts to the implant itself. The first is a titanium post that is embedded into the jaw, while the other is the mounting point. In the case of mini-dental implants, this mounting point takes the form of a socket with an o-ring that holds your dental restoration in place. Titanium is used due to its well-known promotion of the regrowth of bone and its ability to undergo ossification, fusing to your natural bone. This both strengthens the jawbone itself and ensures a solid connection to the jaw for the implant. Mini-implants can be used to mount bridges, dentures, fixed crowns, and loose arch dentures.

The Advantages of Mini-Dental Implants Include:

  • No Flap Surgery – Traditional implants require a complication surgery known as a ‘flap surgery,’ which involves pulling back the gums to access the jawbone. This isn’t necessary with mini-dental implants.
  • Less Invasive – Overall, this process is a less-invasive form of tooth replacement than traditional dental implants. This process takes only a few hours as opposed to the potential months of healing involved with dental implants.
  • Less Discomfort – Due to the less-invasive nature of the procedure, mini-dental implants cause less discomfort during the procedure. Most patients experience so little soreness and pain they don’t even require over-the-counter medications.
  • Comfortable – Unlike traditional dentures, these implants will not slip or fall out while eating or talking. It can be very difficult for casual observers to notice that you have undergone dental restoration at all.
  • Convenient – With no messy clean-up routines or the need to remove your dental restorations, they’re easy to take care of. They also don’t require scheduling multiple visits to your dentist, as they can be done in just a single session.
  • Affordable – These implants often cost approximately half the price of traditional implants, making them far more affordable for many patients.

These benefits make mini-dental implants one of the most popular restoration options being used on the market today. While dental implants do have a shorter lifespan, often needing to be replaced once a decade or so, they are often a good investment for those on a budget.

Determine If Mini-Dental Implants Are Right For You

The choice to receive mini-dental implants is one best made with the consultation of your dentist. There are factors that may make this form of implant inappropriate for you, including a lack of sufficient bone to mount them on. Additional considerations will be discussed with you as part of your consultation with your dentist. Call your restoration specialist today to get an appointment. During your visit, you’ll discuss viable treatment options and develop a plan for restoring your beautiful smile.

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Dr. Tatiana was born and grew up in former Soviet Republic of Moldavia.
She was educated and trained as a Dentist at Kishinev State Medical University in Kishinev, Moldova. She provided dental care in Kishinev for many years until she met her future husband. She moved to Cheyenne in 1995.

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