Great Dental Health Resolutions For The New Year

Of all the world’s celebrations, that recognizing the turning of the year may be one of the oldest. It’s known that it follows a tradition reaching back over 4000 years. For a good portion of this time, there’s been a practice of making resolutions for the year to come. This practice comes from the idea that the new year represents a time of renewal. When you’re considering your New Year’s resolutions this time around, think about adding new Dental Resolutions to it.

Great Dental Health Resolutions For The New Year

The very first thing you can make a resolution about is seeing your dentist twice this year. There’s no reason to wait; you can schedule both your visits right away, just set them six months apart. This will be one of the most effective things you can do to protect your oral health. Here are some other resolutions you can make:

  • Resolve to be consistent in your oral hygiene practices this year. This starts with brushing your teeth two times each day using fluoride enriched toothpaste. Take some time to learn how to brush properly in a way that protects all your teeth. This will help hold off tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Not enough people floss each day, and it can do a lot to protect your oral health. Make flossing with each brushing a part of your New Year’s Resolution. Flossing is an important part of cleaning out the spots between your teeth unreachable with your toothbrush.
  • A great thing you can do for your teeth this year is to start cutting sugar and acids out of your diet. This means limiting your soda, coffee, and even tea intake. But it also means cutting back on sweets and other sources of sugar. In addition, you can make a point of rinsing every time you do consume sweets. An extra brushing each day isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Spend extra time teaching your children how to perform great oral health care. Starting these practices earlier in life will provide better protection. Further, the earlier you begin, the better these habits will get engrained and become part of a lifetime practice.

These four resolutions will go a long way towards ensuring that you have a great dental New Year. It doesn’t stop there, though. You can also make a greater effort to get those cosmetic or restoration treatments you’ve been putting off. You deserve to have a beautiful smile with perfect teeth; maybe this year is the time to make it happen!

Consult With Your Dentist For More Advice

As always, the best choice for planning a New Year Resolution for oral health is speaking to your dentist. They’re going to get your twice-yearly appointment scheduled and give you advice on how to improve your oral health. Be sure to ask them any relevant questions you may have. They’re going to take your whole oral health into account and determine what practices you need to change to improve your hygiene routine results.

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Dr. Tatiana was born and grew up in former Soviet Republic of Moldavia.
She was educated and trained as a Dentist at Kishinev State Medical University in Kishinev, Moldova. She provided dental care in Kishinev for many years until she met her future husband. She moved to Cheyenne in 1995.

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