How Family and Pediatric Dentists Differ

Moving to a new neighborhood can be significantly stressful and adds a lot more to your plate than merely setting up your new home. One important part of moving to a new area is finding new medical providers for your family. It can be significantly difficult when children are involved, as their relationship with their providers is important and a source of comfort in care. This experience tends to be even more profound when dentistry is involved. Dental anxiety is a very real struggle, and having the right dentist can go a long way towards managing it. Whether you’re searching for a new dentist for your child, or one for your whole family, this guide can help. 

How Family and Pediatric Dentists Differ

One thing that all dentists share in common is a foundation in oral health. While all of them are doctors, some dentists choose to select a specialization. Pediatric and family dentists are often the best choices for those who have children. These specialists make a point of focusing on the care of younger patients and the various difficulties that can appear as part of a developing smile. While Family and Pediatric dentists have a lot in common, there are some distinct differences between them. These differences can include:

  • Family Dentists: This specialist focuses on providing care for patients of all ages. This means they work with children, adults, and the elderly alike. The most notable benefit of working with a family dentist is that all of your expenses can be handled at a single office. They’re used to working with families and tend to have a broad range of treatments available to handle concerns that occur at every age. Those who handle the care of children, teenagers, adults, and grandparents alike benefit from a family dentist. 
  • Pediatric Dentists: These specialists focus on children and the oral health concerns they face. They’re an excellent choice when there are children in the family with complex oral health concerns. Concerns like malocclusion, mixed dentition, or children with special needs need a specialist who can handle their worries. They’re also excellent at working with difficult children or those who have a history of dental anxiety. Their focused specialty means they’ll be able to handle any oral health concerns that come along.

Picking the right kind of dentist depends largely on the needs of your family. Your available resources and the goals you have for your child’s dental care are also relevant.

How To Find The Best Type Of Dentist For You

Locating the right dentist your family begins with a look at your insurance provider’s dental directory. Once you find dentists that are covered under your insurance, it’s time to dig deeper. Look at sources such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google to see what kind of reviews they get. These resources will provide you with a clear indication of their reputation and the experiences other families have had with them. Don’t rush to make a decision; it’s important that you find the best fit for your family’s needs.

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Dr. Tatiana was born and grew up in former Soviet Republic of Moldavia.
She was educated and trained as a Dentist at Kishinev State Medical University in Kishinev, Moldova. She provided dental care in Kishinev for many years until she met her future husband. She moved to Cheyenne in 1995.

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