To Determine If A Brand Is Trustworthy

There’s plenty that goes into caring for a patient’s teeth, and dentists take this responsibility quite seriously. Planning for long-term care means preparing to treat diseases and providing preventative care using the best possible products. The products and techniques that are used to accomplish this remain a mystery to most patients. Regardless, it’s essential that the dentist know which products produce the best results for their patients. They combine years of education and continuing education with experience and word of mouth to choose the best products for their practice. We will tell you about a few who have made the cut.

How To Determine If A Brand Is Trustworthy

Choosing a product to use in a particular treatment includes knowing which brand to get that product from. While any dentist will likely argue for one particular brand, there’s no consensus. As with any other industry, the professionals that are part of the community have different opinions. Debating the merits and flaws of each company’s products is a favored pastime, but there are a few that always seem to rank near the top. These products have a long history of quality and reliably produce excellent results. Using the right product helps ensure that your dentist’s techniques aren’t just successful but also look great. A skilled dentist using the best products can produce results that last.

There are three elements that go into defining the quality of a product:

  • Safety – Safety is one of the most important aspects of how a product is ranked. Personal preference certainly has a role to play, but if a product isn’t known for being safe, no dentist is going to use it.
  • Material Composition – Part of the reason there are so many varieties of products on the market is different compositions. The exact mixture of ingredients used in any product is closely guarded by these companies. However, they do have to have the approval of the ADA and FDA to release them. Without these stamps of approval, no dentist worth their salt will use them.
  • Success Rate – Standing out as the single most important aspect of a product is its reputation for successful treatments. The standards that dentists place on their products are high. Anything with less than a 95% success rate isn’t going to make it into their clinic. Most won’t settle for anything with less than a 99% success rate.

The products that dentists talk about most are those they use in their practice each and every day. They’ll share their experiences in dental communities and learn about the products other dental professionals rely on for their patients.

  • 3M Adhesives: If you’ve ever bought any kind of adhesive, you’re sure to have seen multiple 3M products on the shelf. They’re renowned for producing high-quality adhesives for many industries. Dentists use their dental adhesives, cement, and bonding agents as part of the care they deliver.
  • Pulpdent: This brand is another that appears on many dentists’ preferred list of products. They’re always looking to improve on their products, with bio-reactive materials being a recent innovation that makes them stand out.
  • Dentsply Sirona: This company is one of the primary providers of dental fluid-delivery systems for dentists. Tooth polishers, prophylaxis materials, and anesthetics are all products they provide dental practices with.
  • Straumann: This innovator of implant technology is located in Germany. They have a reputation for high-quality materials used by dental labs to create restorations. They’re a common supplier of implant, crown, and bridge material.
  • Kor: While you may not have heard of Kor, you’ve likely had their products used if you’ve done dental whitening. They’re one of the most reliable and effective products available for this treatment.

These brands stand out as those most dentists know they can trust. You can speak to your dentist to learn more about the products they use in your care.

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No matter which brands are used by your dentist, they stand as your primary line of defense against dental health concerns. Schedule your visits with them at least twice a year, and be inquisitive about your treatment and dental health.

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Dr. Tatiana was born and grew up in former Soviet Republic of Moldavia.
She was educated and trained as a Dentist at Kishinev State Medical University in Kishinev, Moldova. She provided dental care in Kishinev for many years until she met her future husband. She moved to Cheyenne in 1995.

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To Determine If A Brand Is Trustworthy

There’s plenty that goes into caring for a patient’s teeth, and dentists take this responsibility quite seriously. Planning for long-term care means preparing to treat

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